Eco-friendly Utensils

Where local villagers collect leaves of the Areca palm tree and transform them into plates, bowls, platters and tableware. Our serveware is made from 100% natural washed and pressed palm leaves and is both disposable and biodegradable. Ecodinnerware is not only sustainably produced, but it helps provide wages to many families in small communities. After use, product can be used as compost, or broken down into smaller pieces and used to enrich the soil of your garden.

Savourly takes great pride in sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local or Canadian vendors.

 Your box or board will be filled with Ontario farm fresh fruits and vegetables, Uxbridge sourced honeycomb, flowers grown in Toronto and charcuterie boards produced in Ontario.

Besides being a waste of money, time and energy, unused food that ends up in landfills is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases. Savourly is committed to utilizing all parts of fruits, vegetables and cheese – especially those that may not necessarily make it in to our boxes or boards. These excess ingredients have made for delicious smoothies and soups for the Savourly team.