About Savourly

Gifting is a beautiful juxtaposition between art and science. My mother often said, “If you gift, do it well or don’t do it at all.” This message followed me throughout my life and blossomed through my passion for food.

Upon leaving the corporate world, I sought out a gift for my manager that not only promoted health and wellbeing but also exuded luxury. I considered gift baskets, fruit arrangements, even gift cards (oh the horror I know) to no avail. This was the beginning of Savourly Society.

We believe that opulence and wellbeing can coexist seamlessly. The voices of our friends and family, the taste of wholesome food, the sight of nature’s abundance and the smell of fine wine make up many of our most cherished memories – memories that we hope you can join in on savouring for years to come.

Eat Well,
Sandy Badesha

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